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01 / 01 / 2015

A number of in stock items have been reduced in price, and are available at extraordinary prices, including products from all of our lines.  Please click here for special discount items.

Granite Spheres And Balls

Floating Granite Sphere Fountain

Our company has been operated by both Gary and Esperanza Jackson since its beginning back in 1999.  Originally the company was known as Spheres 2000, a name given due to the then upcoming millenium.  We also own the subsidy known as Monumental-Sculptures.com, Inc., and have been in business throughout the world, with projects in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Great Britian, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Iceland, Russia, and many states within the United States.  Recommendations are available upon request.



We specialize in fabricating custom sculptures or duplicating an artist's sculpture in Monumental Sizes.

waterfountains.com ACRYLIC SPHERES


We fabricate Acrylic spheres and hemispheres of all sizes, custom made to the specifications of the customer.  Acrylics can be clear or colored, and are excellent for indoor and limited outdoor applications.  Related acrylic products are also available.

waterfountains.com STAINLESS STEEL SPHERES


At a lesser price than our granite spheres, these hollow, highly polished metal spheres can be used as sculptures or as stationary water fountains.  Horizontal movement can be achieved with our granite turntable.


floating granite sphere fountain


  Sphere Fountains & Granite Spheres and Balls

  granite spheres, Interactive freely rotating stone globes and spheres.


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